Vision & Mission

What is ECOCON?

  • ECOCON is the name of the BRAND manufactured by RG ECO BLOCKS and the fully integrated building system of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) block, perfect for commercial, industrial, educational, public and residential projects. RG ECO BLOCKS,state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Chennivakkam(Village) jaganathapuram (post)via Sholavaram,Chennai-600067.The facilities designed to efficiently produce block. AAC was developed by a Swedish architect, and was patented in 1924. The architect was looking for a building material that had the properties of good thermal insulation, solid structure, easy to work with and handle – but without the disadvantages of combustibility, decay and termite damage. At that time there were only small, heavy building blocks with poor insulation properties. He succeeded in producing a highly cellular, light weight material from quartzite sand, lime and water. These raw materials can be found in almost unlimited quantities throughout the world. They are processed with cement and a rising agent to provide a building material with a large number of air pores aerated concrete. And it is precisely these pores, in addition to the solid structure of calcium silicate hydrates, which give ECOCON its exceptional product properties: fire resistant/non-combustible, superior thermal insulation, excellent acoustic insulation, lightweight, termite and pest resistant, ease of workability and handling, universal application, non-allergenic, and efficient construction. Environmentally friendly and energy-conserving, ECOCON meets all the requirements of our modern age. Absolutely no pollutants or hazardous wastes are generated in the process and there is no waste of precious raw materials. ECOCON, not containing any foreign materials, can be recycled into other useful products. Even the production method conserves energy since steam curing is carried out at high pressures and thermal energy is recovered and reused for maximum efficiency. Production trimmings can also be fully recycled, again making ECOCON a highly efficient and environmentally compatible building.


Developers / Constructors in India can now use the ‘innovative material’ which Europeans have built their homes with for decades. Although, a popular building material in Europe for over 75 years, in India it has been introduced since the past two decades.

Presenting to you ECOCON Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks from RG ECO BLOCKS. Made from environmentally-friendly raw materials; ECOCON is an ideal building material for use in today’s times.

It is an economical, sustainable, Lite weight solid block that provides thermal & acoustic insulation as well as fire and termite resistance. AAC is available in a variety of forms,.

Moreover the company RG ECO BLOCKS has the state of the art manufacturing facilities and a nationwide distribution network to service the needs of builders and customers monitored by highly professional and experienced teams to provide both manufacturing and marketing support.

So, while ECOCON lets you build a tomorrow that encourages the environmental pursuits, you still continue to ensure cost-efficiency, reduce time to market and enhance your brand image. ECOCON Blocks are more competitive with other conventional bricks in pricing and offers significant saving for finished structures. Savings in construction cost can be as much as 20% when using light weight Blocks, as compared to other conventional bricks, after taking into consideration the resulting savings in gravel, cement, steel, labor, structure, foundation etc.

Consistent quality of ECOCON light weight Blocks has brought ample of advantages to the modern construction.